Doing Business Formulas For Prospective Employers

Doing Business Formulas For Prospective Employers 
Perhaps many of us who already know this formula, but maybe there are still some people who do not know. This formula is a formula that has been proven to assist entrepreneurs in achieving their success. The formula is the formula 6W + 1H.

Here is a further explanation of the formula, as has been described by Masbukhin Pradana, a specialist in the field of entrepreneurship:


What is the business model that we are intending to do? Before we run or develop a business course, we should know that business in general. By getting to know an area of ​​business we could run and grow the business well.

2. WHY

Think back to what we reason in choosing a business to run. Do we choose to run a business because according to the hobby, interest, creativity that is being engaged, inspired by other successful business person, or just want to fill my free time alone?


Determine and understand the target market for the business to be run. We also need to study the character of the people who become the target market of our business so that we can prepare the right way in their marketing.


Determine the exact location of the business is often a difficult thing for a businessman. Make sure the site in accordance with the target market of our business, such as regional offices, campuses, housing, and others.


Determine time business operations also include things that are important to be prepared. Whether our business will open 8 hours a day for one full week, or 24 hours for a full week? Consider also to take into account all the preparations of your business and also the future development of the business.

6. WHO

Determine the people who will engage with you in running the business. Start of employees, business partners, and others who can help you in running the business. Define the task of each person who will be involved in your business according to their ability and their respective fields.

7. HOW

Make sure that we have a strategy and plan of doing business. It would be better if we learn to know the capital required, the quality and quantity of products that we will sell.