How to Start a Business Without Capital

Starting a business is actually not bother most. Anyone can, even without any money. Rather, the business maintains most difficult and most important. Many businesses fail in the middle of the road because of the preparation and execution underdone.

How to Start a Business Without Capital

First do your homework before starting a business without capital. You must know who and what the customer needs, including the uniqueness of your business than competitors. If you think it's got the answers to these three questions, you are able to start businesses.

Most importantly, if your product niche, then the investment companies and individual investors will be generous to invest their money in your business. If you include people who have innovative ideas but no capital, consider some of these tips are reported from (05/30/2012):

Borrow money

Friends are there when it is needed, this is a true friend. Ever hear sentences like this? Well, borrow money from friends and explain to him about the potential for your product to be launched. Reassure him how much profit you can get from a niche product that is brilliant. But do not brag, explain with a reasonable calculation. In addition to friends, you can also borrow money from relatives.


Ever the term SOHO? That is, small office home office. So you do not need to bother anymore to rent office space. If you've got the rest of the space in the house, so change the office space.

Find associates

Find coworkers from your circle of friends or relatives who want to invest into your business. Maybe this can help ease the burden at the same time you get new ideas. Might as well, you and your partner can create new miracles.

Hire staff with a profit-sharing system

There is no harm in hiring people with a profit-sharing system. You can save a lot of money and they will fully support your business.

Create a website

Google offers free websites for small and medium businesses. So you do not need to spend a lot of money to create and design a website. Business website can rake in a lot of new customers. Copy and paste the URL of the website into your personal social networking account, then enlist the help of friends to promote to their acquaintances. Your chances to capture a very large potential customer.


If your business does not directly generate profits (most are not), focus to continually improve your business and find out if there is something wrong.

Find part time jobs

Usually you will face many challenges in raising capital. So if you have time or the opportunity to work part-time, take it. Business to invest half your salary.

Negotiate everything

Everything is negotiable. So, negotiate with banks to help your business capitalization. A lot of banks out there that are willing to lend collateral free loans to start-ups and SMEs. Make sure the bank regarding the greatness and potential of your product.