Microsoft's revenue in the Lower Expectations Stock

Microsoft's revenue in the Lower Expectations Stock
Microsoft posted a removal of assets of approximately U.S. $ 900 million for inventory Surface tablet. According to Techcrunch site, this is done because the management of the tablet was not sold in the market.

At the same time, the company posted revenues of approximately U.S. $ 19.9 billion, with earnings per share of about U.S. $ 0.59. It was reported in the management of exposure to the performance of yesterday, Thursday, July 18, 2013.

This is lower than market expectations of Wall Street, where the company listed its shares. Analysts expect Microsoft would reap revenues of approximately U.S. $ 20.74 billion.

"Our performance is affected by the declining market share of the personal computer," said Amy Hood, Chief Financial Officer of Microsoft. "But the revenue from cloud services and the company is very promising."

According to data from the survey firm Gartner, shipments of personal computers declined about 11 percent this quarter. This affects the Windows operating system division of revenues, which is intended to installed on personal computers, both desktop and laptop.

To reverse this decline in performance, management has done a massive reorganization last week. Now Microsoft is focused on making the software and hardware while cooperating with the manufacturing partners.