What Are the Business Opportunities With Small Capital?

What Are the Business Opportunities With Small Capital?
Tonight I was a little spare time, and want to write a bit about the business opportunity with small capital in general. If yesterday I wrote about "the important is learning internet marketing business online?", This article I will try to write about some of the opportunities that we can do business with a small capital and can be done from home.

Usually, prospective employers are less capital or no capital will rush to stop the intention of doing business, and only a portion of the prospective employers really do intentions although capital does little or nothing. It is the experience of a friend of mine who is quite successful in business, and even now his business is now marketed through the internet. What business did he do? Let's read on this article.

In 2009 my friend this is an office worker. He often complained of his time is always out on the road, and also often sore if you've got home - Feedback traveling from home to office it takes more than an hour, so the round trip takes about 2 hours. That year he was trying to sell the book business, and working with some producers books in Kwitang, senen. From day to day more and more customers, he finally makes an online store specialized in selling books. And since the year 2012 and he had resigned from his office job and focus on his business. The latest news I've heard, his income from selling the book far more than his salary as an employee of the office even more than 10 times ... My friend is indeed remarkable spirit.

It actually any business if done with diligence, and hard work, all that effort will not be in vain. Ok, we want to share with each other about what business can be done from home with no large capital. I will write some business opportunities with little capital that I know, and I asked for input from business friends anything that could result in even a small capital.

Here are some small capital business opportunities that I know of:

A. Offline business at home

This business does not have to be done in a place special to be on the lease, we can use our home as a place of business as well.

1. Open shop

Indeed, this business requires capital, but not too big. But we need to pay attention to the needs of those around us and also the level of competition existing business that we do not experience a fatal loss.

2. Open shirt sewing services:

Of course we should be able to sew, and requires a sewing machine in our house. Nowadays many people you know who would like to sew or alter clothes to fit their desires. Well they are the target market to be had.

3. Make a meal / snack

Mothers or predisposing now quite a lot that can cook unique foods. If one of our family members have the ability to cook and make cakes, then there is no harm if we begin to open up a business and sell food and the cookies. Initially it may be sold to neighbors or other relatives, but it is possible we could also sell them extensively.

4. Open les / private:

My experience in college, I never give up playing guitar on private persons. I do not need a special room, I only use the front porch sometime in the living room to give private how to play guitar. Indeed, the result is not too much but bad lah for college kids sizes. Well if we have the expertise and strengths in certain areas such as; cooking, English, playing guitar, piano, good at making websites, writing experts, and others, we can sell that expertise to others who really want to learn.

5. Open design and editing services

To be able to open this service we must have the ability in editing photos using computer software such as photoshop, coreldraw, and others. In addition we also need to prepare the supporting computer and print tool when customers want to print the edited photos.

6. And others ....

B. Online business from home

Now online business is more flexible than offline business, but that does not mean we can do it take it easy. When we have an offline business and want to increase sales then we can use the internet as a media campaign, the results are guaranteed to be more steady hehehe

1. Be the author of the article

Maybe not too many people who love this profession because they feel less capable of writing articles. Well, it is to be a paid writer and others, we should be able to write an article with a good and readable. This business can be done from home, of course we have to have a computer and a good internet connection to receive and transmit job. According to the information I can, earning from writing articles can varies depending on the level of difficulty of the topic being made, usually made articles which paid for Rp 15,000 - Rp 30,000, - (depending on topic and number she says).

2. Business advertising on blogs

We can follow the program PPC (pay per click) or PPS (pay per sale). When we have a blog with a considerable amount of traffic, so we can sign up to be a publisher in google adsense or provide advertising space on your blog or could even combine the two. Click price of google adsense is not too big especially for Indonesia, but income from Google Adsense has been shown to provide a reasonable income of up to thousands of dollars, but it depends on blog traffic and also topics in our blog.

3. Shop online

It is suitable for people who have an offline business and want to go online to increase sales to larger. In addition the business is also ideal for people who want to do business models dropship or reseller, so no need to bother about the procurement of products and can focus on the promotion process.

It is a business opportunity with small capital that I know of. If there are additional friends on other business can be through comments. Remember it, business can be done even with a small capital. Ok, enough so hopefully this article useful to those who read it. Thanks