Coronavirus Effect, Boruto Episode 155 is Paused

Boruto Anime also Postpones due to Coronavirus
Boruto Anime also Postpones due to Coronavirus

Bad news continues about the impact of the corona virus outbreak in the animanga world, specifically regarding the delay in airing anime due to the emergency period of the corona virus in Japan which affected the production schedule of various anime studios. With the latest one again becoming a victim of the virus is the anime of Boruto, son of Naruto, whose new episode for May is also delayed.

The Boruto anime made an announcement on their official website. Aside from giving visuals to the anime's new arc, Kara Shidou-hen, which will start from episode 154 which will air this week, they also gave bad news about the episode after that.

Episode 155 Postponed

They explained that the episode of Boruto anime episode 154 this week continued to run as usual, but the broadcast of episode 155, which is scheduled for May 3 and later episodes, would be gone. Instead they will re-air the first episode of the Boruto anime from May 3.

Coronavirus Effects Many Anime Tv Postponed

Many TV anime's longevity and broadcasts continue without being affected by season and cour, so the broadcast is stopped due to the coronavirus emergency period, which is also carried out in Tokyo where many anime studios operate. 

It has been previously announced that the One Piece anime also suffered the same fate, and so did the latest PreCure anime series, Healin anime, and also the newest Pokemon anime series, Pocket Monster. Everyone stopped showing new episodes and re-aired their old anime episodes in May.

Premier Anime Canceled

The anime, which premiered in the Spring 2020 season, also aired many of the shows that did not continue in May, or some even canceled airs and delayed their airing until the following season. For example the anime Houkago Teibo Nisshi and Digimon Adventure remake, which announced the airing of a new episode anime in May, was postponed.

And the new season of ReZero anime is also postponed so next season. And what is sad again is that it was predicted by a veteran animator that even the state of the anime in the next Summer 2020 season after this would also look arid if the corona virus outbreak continued until May.