Many New Features on iOS 14 Apple, Even the iPhone Can Be Used as a Car Key

Apple iPhone-iOS 14 : iPhone Can Be a Car Key, These New iOS 14 Features

Apple iPhone-iOS 14 : iPhone Can Be a Car Key, These New iOS 14 Features

California, - Apple announced several new features for its products - iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, and Apple Watch - at the WorldWide Developers Conference, Monday (6/22/2020). Apple also announced the next generation of Macs no longer using chips from Intel, but the chips themselves.

Among the new features announced by Apple are the iOS 14 operating system, where users can now replace the default e-mail application and browser. The iOS 14 system also has a new home screen display. Users can also switch widgets on the home screen. Apple also introduced a widget that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to predict relevant data for its users.

Apple Library app

Apple iOS 14 also has an "App Library" feature that automatically organizes applications. Apple also made an update to Siri. Now, your personal assistant has 20 times more data and facts.

The iOS 14 system also has a picture-in-picture feature. Users can enjoy videos while using other applications in the background. This feature was already on the iPad before.

Apple's messaging system now has a mention feature, new emoji people wear masks, and the group's text interface can now mark important messages to the very top.

In the US, Apple is working with several partners for the Apple Map application, such as Zagat which has restaurant and tourist content. Apple also added bike lanes in several major cities on the Apple Map, including New York and San Francisco.

Software developers can download the new iOS this week, while a public beta test will be held in July.

New Chips

For the next generation Mac, Apple will finally use its own chips after relying on Intel for the past 155 years. Apple CEO Tim Cook claims Apple chips will be faster and more power efficient than Intel. Apple already uses its own chips in their products such as the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV.

Apple said Microsoft and Adobe have begun making adjustments to be compatible with the new generation of Macs. The Apple Final Cut Pro program is compatible with the new Mac.

Apple also introduced a language translator application called Translate. You and others just talk and this application will translate conversations in real time.

iPhone CarPlay

Apple also introduced a new feature in the CarPlay application. The most important updates in iOS 14 and iOS 13 are digital car keys, where you can turn on and turn off the car using an iPhone. For a while, the new BMW 5 Series in 2021, which will be launched next month, has this feature.