Why is Indonesia's diversity a wealth owned by the Indonesian people?

What does ethnic diversity mean?

Ethnic diversity is the differences that are owned by nations in a place. For example, Indonesia has various ethnic groups, such as the Javanese, the Batak, the Madurese, and others.

What diversity does the Indonesian nation have?

Among the diversity that is owned, here are some outlines:

  1. Diversity of religions and beliefs. In Indonesia it is known that there are 5 religions that are valid and recognized, namely Islam, Christianity, Catholicism, Hinduism and Buddhism.
  2. Tribal Diversity. 
  3. Language Diversity. 
  4. Diversity of customs. 
  5. Cultural Diversity. 
  6. Racial Diversity. 

What is ethnicity and culture?

Ethnic groups are a human group that identifies themselves with others based on lineages that are considered the same by referring to characteristics such as: culture, nation, language, religion and behavior.

What is meant by ethnic and racial diversity?

Diversity is the difference that occurs between members of society. Ethnic groups are groups of people who live in a certain area for a very long time and have developed certain social and cultural systems. Race is a group of people based on similar physical characteristics.

What will arise if there are ethnic differences?

The problems that arise in ethnic diversity are the difficulty of fostering a sense of unity and oneness, the potential for large divisions to emerge, the potential for divisions to turn into conflict and violence. This ethnic diversity if viewed negatively will destroy a nation from within.

What are the forms of Indonesia's socio-cultural diversity?

  • Forms of Social and Cultural Diversity in Indonesia
  • Ethnic Diversity. Read Also. 
  • Language Diversity. Language is a human ability to communicate with other humans. 
  • Religious Diversity. Religion is a system that regulates one's belief in God. 
  • The diversity of traditional houses. 
  • Diversity of Dances. 
  • Diversity of Traditional Clothing. 

What diversity does the Indonesian nation have apart from natural resources?

Answer. Indonesia is rich in culture, regional languages, race, ethnicity, and art, besides that there is a lot of natural resources such as spices.

What causes the diversity of ethnic groups and cultures in Indonesia?

The causes of ethnic and cultural diversity in Indonesia are as follows: Geographical conditions. Climatic conditions also vary in the natural environment. The influence of foreign cultures with different styles.

How to appreciate the diversity of ethnic groups and cultures? 

  1. participate in maintaining, preserving, and developing traditions and culture that exist in society.
  2. conduct dialogue between ethnic groups, religions and groups. this dialogue can reduce mutual suspicion and hostility. 
  3. do not consider one's own tribe the best and the others ugly. 

Explain what is meant by ethnicity and state what tribes are in Indonesia?

Ethnic groups are human groups that are bound by awareness and identity of cultural unity. There are many ethnic groups in Indonesia, such as Javanese, Sundanese, Balinese, Batak, Betawi, and so on.

What does racial and intergroup religious diversity mean for the Indonesian nation?

For the Indonesian people, the diversity of ethnic groups, cultures, religions, races and groups is a very valuable national wealth. Unity is an effort to unite differences in ethnicity, customs, race and religion to become one, namely the Indonesian nation.

Why do different ethnic groups in Indonesia cause conflicts?

Indigenous people do not accept that there are economic differences with immigrant communities, resulting in endless conflicts. c. Apart from the two factors above, misunderstandings also affect conflict, differences in belief (religion) can also cause conflict between communities.

What are the consequences of the differences in Indonesian society?

positive impact = we Indonesians can respect each other between ethnicities, religions, cultures, languages ​​and skin colors, with these differences we can learn that these differences can unite the nation, and diversity in Indonesia can be unique to the State of Indonesia.

What benefits do people feel from the diversity of ethnic groups in Indonesia?

Our advantage as Indonesians for diversity is the magnitude of tolerance. Due to the diversity of ethnic groups, Indonesia is becoming better known in the eyes of the world. and this can attract tourists to know or learn more about the culture of the ethnic groups in Indonesia.

Explain what are the benefits of socio-cultural and economic diversity in Indonesia?

The benefits of socio-cultural diversity in Indonesia are as follows:
  1. as the country's identity in the eyes of other countries.
  2. increase and earn the country's national income. 
  3. source of world knowledge. 
  4. increase tolerance. 
  5. as a tourism icon. 
  6. as a unifier of the nation. 
  7. fostering an attitude of nationalism. 

How do you respond to the socio-cultural and economic diversity in Indonesia?

3 ways the government responds to social diversity in Indonesia
  1. mutual respect between cultures.
  2. working together to build Indonesia. 
  3. use differences as a reference and compete fairly between ethnic groups, cultures, etc. 

Why is Indonesia's diversity a wealth owned by the Indonesian people?

The diversity of the Indonesian people is a very valuable wealth. The meaning of the motto Unity in Diversity implies that although the Indonesian nation consists of various ethnic groups, customs, races and religions, the whole is a unity and unity.

What factors contribute to Indonesia's diversity?

Factors causing Indonesia's diversity

  • The physical environment of the area.
  • Faith or religion. 
  • Socio-cultural life. 
  • Historical factors 

How do we respect other ethnic groups?

  1. Write down 5 ways to respect and respect other ethnic groups
  2. do not insult other tribes / nations. 
  3. make friends with people of different ethnicities. 
  4. want to eat food from other ethnic groups. 
  5. want to wear traditional clothes from other ethnic groups. 
  6. want to dance dances from other ethnic groups. 

How do you respect other ethnic groups in your environment?

The following are some examples of attitudes that respect ethnic diversity:
  1. Do not be picky in making friends based on ethnicity, avoid attitude like only want to be friends with those of the same ethnicity.
  2. Not DISCRIMINATIVE, meaning friends by not discriminating in treatment. 

What causes conflicts between ethnic groups?

Ethnicity or ethnicity, usually has various cultures that are different from one another. These ethnic differences can lead to conflicts between ethnic groups. This inter-ethnic conflict occurs because of a clash of cultures, interests, political economy, and others.