William is the project manager and has a team of 7 members, they are working in project delivery which has short iterations. Sam is working as a functional manager. William and Sam are working together on the current project. Team members are sometimes confused about whom to report to when there is an issue or escalation. Identify this type of organization structure in which conflicts are more, and resource allocation is difficult also the team members have more than one person to report to.

Sara and Tim are working on a project which is done by multiple iterations. They are working in the last iteration, after which the product will be handed over to the customer in a week after sign-off. They are not sure what kind of task they are going to be assigned to after this project from the organization. Identify this type of organization structure, in which when the project is complete the team members don’t have any place (no home) to back and continue the work.

Kevin is recently promoted to a project manager position, and he is reporting to directive PMO structure. John is managing the PMO, and he follows directive PMO structure. John asked Kevin to review the corporate knowledge base to identify the project constraints for a similar project that Kevin is going to start. Kevin found out that one of the below is not a valid OPA (organizational process asset). Identify it.

Wilson is a team member and working in a project which has zero-tolerance related to scope, schedule and cost. He is reporting directly to David, who is the functional manager. David asked Wilson to identify the enterprise environmental factors available in the project. One of the below is not a valid EEF (enterprise environmental factor). Identify the wrong option given below.

Taylor and Crystal are working in a strong matrix organization. Crystal is a functional manager and represents the assembly line. One of the projects they are working together on has a phase-to-phase relationship, the next phase starts only if the previous phase is complete. Identify the correct relationship below.

A project can be divided into any number of phases. A phase is a collection of logically related activities in order to complete one or more deliverables. Project phases can be sequential or overlap, and it depends on the situation. A Project is separated into different logical groups which are called phases for the purpose of management, planning and control. The number of phases in the project depends on the size, complexity and impact of the project. Every phase needs to go through all the 5 process groups. During closing of the phase the product can be handed over to the customers for review, and based on the feedback, the next phase starts. Most of the projects have the below types of phase-to-phase relationship. One of the given below is not a valid phaseto- phase relationship. Which one is it?

Joy is the tech lead in the organization which manufactures LCD TVs. He reports to Pamela, and she reports to the directive PMO structure. Their organization is going to start a new project soon. Pamela asked Joy to identify the stakeholders impacted by the project. Joy is reviewing one of the below documents used to identify people who are affected by the project. Identify the document.

Will and Ted are working in an organization in which project managers and functional managers work together to complete the project work. Identify the type of organization in which Project expeditors and coordinators don’t exist.

Paul is the project manager in a technology company which innovates smart technology projects. He used to conduct daily stand up meetings at 9 am. His offshore team members and onsite team members participate in the daily stand-up meetings. In today’s meeting, they had an argument related to risks. One of the team members argues that only the initiating stage risks are higher, and in the later stages, risks will be reduced. During which phase of the project are risks and uncertainties higher?

Sam is working in an organization in which the project manager’s role is part-time and decisions are taken by the functional manager, their role is similar to that of project expeditor. Identify the type of organization in which Sam works for.

Paul is working in an organization in which the project manager has the most authority and responsible for the project’s success and they can take important decisions regarding budget, schedule, and resources in the project. Identify the type of organization in which Paul works for.

Richard is working in an organization as a project manager in which the project manager does the administrative tasks, doesn’t have much power and reports to the functional manager. Identify the type of organization that Richard works for.

Ken is the project manager in a cloud project, which migrates all the software code to the cloud. In his organization project manager shares the authority with the functional manager. Lisa is the functional manager in the same organization, working for a long time. Lisa and Ken are working on the project which has a tight budget. One of the matrix organization in the below options is not a valid matrix organization. Identify the wrong one.

Karen is working in a startup organization. He was appointed by the PMO. The PMO structure which appoints project managers and manages all the projects in his organization is known as?

Michael is working as a director, and reports to the PMO who manages all the projects, shares the resources in between projects, provides methods, tools and techniques, and guidance. PMO can take key decisions related to the project such as terminate or postpone the project. Robert is working as a project manager and reports to the PMO structure which provides polices and guidelines. Such a structure is known as?

Smith is the Project manager who deals with the project management strategy and project team in a critical project for the organization. He is working in a strong matrix organization and supported by a directive PMO structure. One of the below is not the core competencies of the project manager, identify it.

Ralph is working as a project manager in a tight schedule project. He is using the crashing/fasttracking to compress the schedule to finish the project on time. Ralph is reporting to a PMO structure in which the level of control is high, moderate and low. Identify the PMO structure that Ralph is reporting to.

Sam is working in a company’s PMO. One of the below objectives is not related to the PMO objective. Which one is it?

David is working in the supportive PMO structure and responsible for the project as well as provides support functions to the project. Randy is working as a project manager in his team. Sam also reports to David, and handles a group of projects in a program. How can they distinguish between project, program and portfolio management?

Carl is assigned as a project manager by the PMO of the organization. Rick is the operations manager of the product that Carl’s team is delivering. The team is aware of the fact that both the operations work and the project work is different. One of the below options is considered as an operational work, identify it.

Chris is the project manager for an agile project, and the project is going to be completed in another 3 months. Already the project cost overrun and it is behind the schedule. Since it is one of the key stakeholder’s interest, the project team is continuing the project. One of the given options is not valid for project trigger, which is?

Max is working in a matrix organization. Sam has worked for a couple of years in a functional organization. Now both Max and Sam are working together on a project. During their discussion, Sam has an argument with Max regarding one of the project constraints that he mentioned. As per Sam one of the choices given below is not a valid project constraint, which is?

Select the characteristic related to the project from the choices given below.