3 Types Of Food To Avoid To Stop Stomach Gas Problems Affecting Your Sex Life

    If you are searching for a solution to stop stomach gas problems from affecting your sex life, I presume you are probably suffering from this problem now. Only people with gas problems will understand why this is frustrating. It is bad enough that you have to suffer embarrassment from people when you cannot control your farting or burping problems. But in bed, when you are with the person you love most and wanting to make love, every thing is perfect up till the moment you fart.

    Whatever romantic atmosphere that you may have work hard to achieve will be all down the drain because of that 1 smelly gas release. Trust me, I have been there, and this incident ranks number 1 on my list of embarrassment.

    If your lover is kind and understandable with your situation, I guess you should thank your lucky stars and you must really treasure your lover. But if you found someone who cannot understand that you cannot control your flatulence problem, then I guess it is time to let the person go, unless he or she is willing to accept and tolerant your problem.

    For some of us, who are always in the constant lookout for solutions to our problems, I have narrowed it down to the food we should avoid if your lover is coming over for the night.

    1 – Avoid beans no matter how much you like it

    This is definitely the type of food that you should avoid. If you have a list of food to avoid, set beans as the number one food type that you should not even touch for the entire day. The sugar raffinose in beans poses difficulty for your digestive system to breakdown and therefore, the gas in you builds up till the point where you have to release the gas.

    2 – Avoid the following vegetables:

    I hope you do not have a taste for vegetables like Brussels sprouts, broccoli and cabbage because of 3 of these vegetables contain sugar raffinose, just like beans. And therefore, your stomach will also have a hard time of trying to digestive these vegetables.

    3 – Stop drinking carbonated drinks that have loads of gas bubbles

    If you are an addict of carbonated drinks, and suffer from flatulence problems, I believe you might have to give up. It’s a choice between drinking and releasing gas constantly or a night of romance without the worry of stomach gas release from burping or farting.

    The gas bubbles increases the amount of gas in your digestive system, and in a worst case scenario where you did consume the beans and vegetables above, then your body will turn into a gas releasing mayhem.

    If you want to stop stomach gas problems, there are other remedies that you can apply today and start seeing results as well. But you have to be patient, as not everyone will have the same problems and solutions. You will need to identify what your root cause is.

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