5 Things to Remember in Choosing a Conference Call Service Provider

    Conference call service has found wide usage among individuals and businesses across the world. The greatest advantage with this service is that more than two people can talk simultaneously in one call. A lot of time and money is saved in doing so. But this very advantage calls for making a careful choice in choosing a service provider. Aspects such as cost of service, the kind of usage it is being chosen for, the average number of people on each call etc are determinants in making the choice. Here are six things that you should consider in choosing a conference call service provider:

    • Usage: The usage you make should chiefly determine the choice you make. For example if your business is a project driven one, the usage may be lesser. But if it is driven by sales, you make more calls. Choose that service which gives you value for your money.
    • Type of call formats: If you are looking for a dial-out style service, there is no need to approach someone who provides a dial-in service.
    • Audio v/s Video: although you are looking for an audio conference service, it is important to realize that video conferencing is very popular and you find yourself in situations that require you to integrate video conferencing. Your service provider should be able to adapt to such changing needs.
    • Pricing: when it comes to choosing these services, the lowest is always not the best choice. For example, celebrities always use premium conference calls which have a high price tag. They do it because the call adds value and justifies the high charges. A monthly subscription service may not be the best fit for you if you use it limitedly. But if you have a number of international and local calls to make, it may be cheapest choice. Always calculate in ratio.
    • Customer support: the service provider should offer support and help you at all times. Look for someone who is backed by a strong customer support.
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