A Proper Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan Is a Must for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

    Is anyone ever prepared for disaster? We’re not just talking about “natural” disasters. (Though a natural disaster could certainly wreak havoc on a small- to medium-sized business.) Consider how intertwined business is to technology. Could a small company operate if it permanently lost all its data?

    Protect Assets So They Are Never Lost

    No one ever expects disaster. But unpreparedness is a disaster waiting to happen! Today’s businesses can no longer rely on amateur backup and recovery methods. Technology is too advanced and change comes too rapidly. Demands placed on hardware and software are high. Countless “bad guys” live in the World Wide Web. The only way to protect business assets in this environment is to put professional backup and disaster recovery mechanisms in place.

    Checklist for Backup and Disaster Recovery:

    You Need a Plan

    You must plan for a number of contingency problems because data loss comes in many forms. Your backup disaster recovery plan should address workstations and servers that need a restore. How will you replace single files versus a server? How will you bring a physical device online quickly in a virtualized environment?

    What Is the Best Backup System for a Small- to Medium-Sized Business?

    Remote management is the best choice for an affordable back-up system. It places responsibility into the hands of a trained IT professional. It can be scheduled to run regularly and reliably. You choose whether backups are full, incremental, or on-demand.

    Do You Have Complete Disk Imaging?

    Complete disk imaging provides data protection for all programs, settings, configuration, system and user data. The ability to save both full and incremental images, you gain restoration points for point-in-time recoveries. What’s the benefit of point-in-time recovery? Your systems are up to date with the latest settings and data set.

    Then restoring your system is possible from the ground up through an intuitive bare-metal restore process (if available from your backup and recovery managers) or administrators can drag and drop selected files and folders or remotely mount drive volumes.

    Media Drop-off Never Again!

    A remote and automated recovery and backup system means your data flows to a safe and secure off-site facility. Rain, snow, sleet, hail, tornado, flood, earthquake…you’ve got your backup to keep your business up and running. Better yet, the data gets there without running media tapes around town!

    Flexible Configuration and Control

    Select a backup system that works with your service provider’s systems management framework. The better backup recovery systems will manage, monitor, secure, and protect your systems from a single Web-based management console. Remote backups can be completely automated and left unattended to recover lost files within minutes.

    Prepare Today For Tomorrow’s Disaster.

    IT disaster can come in many shapes and sizes. Consider a comprehensive backup and recovery plan that makes backup safe and easy. A remote access system with complete disk imaging is a better choice for small- and medium-sized businesses. That way, if and when disaster strikes, business can continue as usual.

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